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BoxLotto and How We Came To Be

If you go checking around the internet you’ll find people and sites that can’t believe that a free lotto like ours is having so much success. BoxLotto is already an online phenomenon that gives out very generous prizes in several countries. Our customers are happy and winning money. We keep our end of the bargain.

But lotto by itself is not a new concept, lotteries have been a part of our life since we can remember. The name of the game its self is still a mystery, some scholars say the name is of Italian origin and reflects the struggle between the player and luck. Others say that lotto is a German word that derives from lot, which means luck. Then there is the Latin theory that says that lotto comes from “loterus”, a word that makes reference to a person’s luck.

Maybe all of them are true, perhaps none of them is real origin of the word, but one thing is for sure, lotto has changed the lives of thousands of people over the years and here in BoxLotto we are honoring the tradition. 

It can’t be a surprise that BoxLotto has so many players from countries in three different continents, because this is one of the true universal games. Some studies acknowledge that the Great Wall of China was financed with lotto tickets, can you believe that? It’s crazy.

Italians have always been big lotto players, from the early days of the Roman Empire to the birth of City-States, lottery games were always part of the everyday life. Modern lotto was born in the Republic of Genoa and we can thank them of giving us such a gift.

Nowadays there are many online casinos and betting sites that have their own lottery games, but how can we know they can be trusted or legit? That’s when we turn to one of our most trusted websites in all of the internet. To get the best information and reviews on all the major casinos go to and read the best advice on where to put your money.

Of course BoxLotto is one the top ranked sites in UK Online Casino Reviews, we are in the luck business and customer satisfaction will always be our priority. Thousands of people from all over the world play BoxLotto. What are you waiting? Come join the fun today. 

July 17 2017

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